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Annelisa MacBean

Annelisa Macbean PhD Psychologist.jpg

I help individuals and couples who look like they have it all together to actually feel that way! My clients can generally present really well, and whose problems are not immediately apparent to others (or to themselves!) For many of my clients, even though it might not be obvious on the outside, getting through the day is often painful and exhausting.

Maybe you are a person who goes to work, accomplishes your tasks, and keeps up relationships. But maybe, as you are going through the motions to maintain your day-to-day life, inside you’re feeling depressed, lonely, unhappy.

Many of my clients are highly ambitious, perfectionistic leaning people whose lives seem to be going pretty well – but privately, they're hurting.  Sometimes the source of the hurt is clearly known, other times it’s waiting to be discovered.  Either way, something needs to be addressed in order to fully thrive, and my clients are willing to do the work needed to address these issues. 

I also work with people who are already feeling pretty balanced, and who are intent upon keeping it that way through regular and honest reflection. 

If you're not experiencing yourself in your life the way you'd like to, if you’re tired of trying too hard for too long . . . let’s talk about it.  


With over 30 years of therapeutic consulting experience and with a very broad range of capacities, I'm highly skilled at tailoring my approach to the unique needs of each of my clients. You're welcome to read more about my background, private practice and coaching practice, my research and professional experience, where I went to school, etc.


But none of that is as important as this: I love my work; I approach my work in the spirit of service, and I know everyone's personal energy and life purpose are distinctly and unquestionably unique. I know for certain that you can survive making the life-changes needed to live true, to be You. 
Call me . . . I can help.

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