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Online Sessions

Wherever you are

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SKYPE/FaceTime and Zoom are becoming increasingly popular ways to speak privately with me. My in-person, in-office consultations fill up quickly so it is advisable to book a SKYPE or Zoom session if you are unable to get on the office calendar. First come, first served. Thank you so much for your understanding!


On these calls, the same as office visits, we confidentially explore and discuss the topics of greatest concern or interest to you in the moment. We’ll focus on the things that truly matter to you. You will receive the same close, individual attention online that you would in my office.


I will SKYPE/FaceTime or Zoom with both individuals and couples.


Please call 415-729-5226 or email and let us know your preferred days and times.




At the time of your session, I will be on Skype. It is your responsibility to initiate a video call with me (my Skype username will be given to you when you book). If I don’t answer your call it means I am running behind with the previous client. I will call you right back within a few minutes.


You will need a webcam with a microphone and a good internet connection. If you have any problems please contact us as soon as possible.


PLEASE plan to speak with me from a quiet space, preferably a private room where you won’t be distracted. 


Please turn off telephones, etc, and make sure children and pets are well cared for and will not require your attention.


If you are not technologically inclined, please ask a friend or family member to help you set up Skype.


The sessions are 50 minutes in length.


You may wish to spend a few moments in silence, following your breath and quieting your mind before your session.


You may prepare questions ahead of time or call unprepared and trust what emerges in the moment!

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