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The Liminal Moment

At times, it is compassionate, generous, humane and merciful to step back and acknowledge how much we’ve been through in the past few years. Like the frog in the pot, as the heat slowly increases, we may not readily appreciate that our bodies are rapidly evolving to digest and metabolize a massive increase in the intensity of psychological and spiritual heat downloading through our systems. Just to be alive as a human being on the planet right now carries with it a consistent trend of increasing activation in body and nervous system . . . a steady and unrelenting demand that these bodies serve the Light, the Divine . . . Beauty will have her way with us . . . Period. Whatever is in the way, whatever is resisting or simply unaware is burning.

It’s as though we are all hooked up to a continuous drip of soul-level cortisol or adrenaline, while simultaneously we experience a shared collapse into the fatigue of hopelessness and helplessness – alternating between hypervigilance and a kind of numbed state of shut down. There is a deep collective longing to rest and to feel safe again in our bodies, to re-calibrate, to reset so that we can enter consciously into the next phase. We seem to sense that the momentum is building; there is a force moving through us that is not stopping. There is more coming . . . Something has fallen away that we will never be able to return to, and the exact nature of what’s coming next is sensed, but yet to be known.

What we can gauge or ascertain is that eating well, getting good sleep and supporting the body is required for processing what we are going through now, and what is coming. An open, receptive, softly-strong vessel is optimal for meeting the fast-moving mystery. Fasten your seat belt. "Not-knowing where we’re headed” can generate a deep, cosmic sort of restlessness that many are experiencing. We are in a period of liminality, a transitional moment, in between the way things used to be and the birth of what is to come. The temptation is to pull out of the in-between, to make the unknown known as quickly as possible. But if we bypass the reorganization phase prematurely, we will not be able to integrate what we’ve learned. The in-between is where EVERYTHING happens. It is the time for honoring what has been. It is in attending to what is asking for death now that we compost the very soil of our bodies, prepare for seeding, and gestate the next iteration of the world.

This is a difficult realm to navigate as it is not recognized in our conventional world. We often wish things would go back to the way they used to be. But there is no going back. Dying and death is what the heat and intensity of our current life experience is intended to produce. In the same way our food goes through a harvest, a literal dying and death process to nourish and transform our bodies, so too do our ideas and identities, our cells and organs, our very bodies go through regular death cycles, so that we can renew and regenerate, nourish and nurture each other. We are literally being cooked by Divine consciousness . . . we are being eaten alive . . . we are a collective alchemical stew of potential and creativity, to be consumed by consciousness itself. The particles in our bodies that survive these transitions, like the seeds embedded in pinecones, have been waiting for centuries in timeless space, for the fire of initiation that heats us up to the point of transition and transformation.

What is burning in you?

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