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By Sebastion Melmoth

Today I feel full of energy yet so weak

Today I feel happy yet sad inside

Today I feel positive with negativity in my mind

Today I feel accomplished even though a failure you will find

Today I feel contented in a discontented existence

Today I feel at peace with a brain at war

Today I feel high when so low

Today I feel I could fly yet no wings to try

Today I feel like writing with my writers block

Today I feel clarity full of contradictions

Today I search my feelings drowning in a sea of emotions

Today I'm surrounded by people yet feel so alone

Today I feel confident trembling with social anxiety

Today the sun is shining but I feel so dark

Today I am on fire yet feel so cold

Today I feel I've moved forward even though still miles behind

Whilst today I am and am not . . . I feel it all

Today I am alive

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