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I understand that as an executive you have particular and specific challenges.  To satisfy board members, investors and employees, you must be masterful in a variety of areas, including leadership, visioning, communication, business development, finance, sales and marketing.  


You are also responsible to your family and friends.  It can be very challenging to support loved ones and maintain the integrity of family relationships and friendships while attempting to navigate the frequently challenging, sometimes treacherous waters of your professional life.  


Most executives are less than masterful at managing a work/life balance.  Executives tend to become highly skilled at compartmentalizing but are generally unskilled at integration and balance.  While it seems counter-intuitive at first, I help my clients develop the ability to "do it all." 


By letting go of the stress and strain of compartmentalization, increased energy becomes available, time is freed up and much more gets accomplished!

As an executive coach, my attention is directed to the immediate professional demands you are facing.  I focus on how you manage and meets those demands.  I guide my clients to an experience of self-awareness and personal power that directly correlates to empowering every person and every aspect of leadership, communication, performance and execution throughout the organization. 

Decades of consulting and coaching experience have given me the ability to meet each client right where they are.  My eclectic approach allows me to easily innovate on the spot, offering experiential techniques that produce long-lasting, bottom-line results. 

I am candid and straightforward.  I don’t linger in superficialities.  In a surprisingly short period of time, my clients have a personal experience of the connection between their expanding self-perception and improvements in organizational operations and output. 


I empower my clients to be authentic and honest with themselves, to access what is true, however difficult that may be.  As the coaching relationship evolves, the wisdom of self-acceptance guides executives to lead their organizations to levels of function and performance previously only imagined to be possible.

Thank you for your interest in my work. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 415-729-5226.

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