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Community Conversations

Aerial View of Surfers

Most people drawn to working with me are eager for sustainable shifts in consciousness. Not so interested in getting better or doing the same things differently, but rather breaking through layers of resistance and becoming more themselves, anew . . . again and again! There’s a willingness to let identities die so that a new sense of self can emerge.


The work of transformation includes the evolution of psychological, social and spiritual conventions. It’s surprising sometimes to realize how deeply our personal transformation is affected and also influences galactic transformation! Maturing and taking responsibility for how we show up in our relationships, our professions and in our lives generally can be enhanced and supported by sharing transformative experience with others, sharing perspective, improving capacity for process, feedback and communication.


Participation in these conversations is intended to support you to increase your sense of fluidity and receptivity overall . . . to keep the wisdom and insight that is downloading at a higher velocity and increased volume moving and accessible.


Conversations will be part process group – part exploration, education and discovery – part community building. As interesting as the topics themselves will undoubtedly be . . . how we communicate when we are activated, excited or unconscious is prioritized. It’s an opportunity to grow together while engaged in the thinking and feelings that matter to us right now.

Clients are invited to participate in what will be small group conversations on specific themes that a number of individuals and couples are focusing on in their personal work.


Groups will be creatively constituted; sometimes very specific, i.e.: partnered/married fathers. Other groups might be mixed-up combinations of humans i.e.: Partnered parents without their partners – or – couples groups might meet in various combinations, with and without partners or . . . defined by gender or income or attachment style.


Meta-topics might include sex, money, spirituality, communication, parenting, polyamory, personal autonomy and relationships, divorce, death, etc. Clients will be invited to contribute ideas or suggestions for topics of interest.


Occasionally Annelisa may invite colleagues and wisdom-holders to join the conversations.


Dates and times TBD.


Use the link below to indicate general interest in participation and to suggest topics of inquiry, curiosity, concern or urgency. 

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