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Free Therapy Thursdays

Many individuals and couples are tracking similar themes in their inquiries and explorations. I am experimenting with various ways we can all learn from each other’s processes. 


Free-Therapy Thursdays is an exchange strategy for collecting audio and visual elements that can illustrate and illuminate the issues and challenges we all share. You allow me to use audio or video from our sessions and I don’t charge a fee.


The bits and bites collected will be used at my discretion. Recordings may be incorporated into educational presentations on this website, YouTube presentations or occasional marketing presentations. The use of any recordings is intended to uplift and support.


ONLY Free-Therapy Thursdays will be recorded. 

None of my regular sessions or extended sessions will be recorded.

  • Sessions are open to all on-going, weekly and bi-weekly clients as well as past and new clients.

  • Sessions are 40-minutes in length,

  • Sessions are conducted on Zoom.

  • Sessions are offered at variable times on Thursdays through the end of March.

  • Both audio and video will be recorded.

  • Participants will be asked to sign video, photo and audio release/waivers which will allow the use of all or various elements of these recordings for (but not limited to) educational and/or promotional purposes, as needed.

  • These sessions are FREE. However, we do require credit card or banking information to reserve your time slot. Session payment will ONLY process for no-shows or late cancellations.


You’ll be able to schedule yourself via Google Calendar. We’ll send you a link as soon as we receive the following information from you.

Past and New Clients

If you have not been working with Annelisa we will need you to click on both links below and complete both forms.


Invoice Clients

We will not be invoicing for this service. You will need to click on both links below and complete both forms.


On-going Weekly and Bi-Weekly Clients

Assuming we already have your credit card or banking information, completion of the waiver is all that is required.



Cancellation Policy

48-hours advance notice of cancellation is required. Without 48-hours advance notice of cancellation, session payment will be processed in the amount of $200. Cancellations can be made via the “CANCEL APPOINTMENT” button in your Google confirmation email, or by emailing April at:

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