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Education, Experience and Embodiment 

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Are you drawn to experience the truth of what you are?


Currently via Zoom
When: Alternate Saturdays 8:00 - 8:45am (PST)

Where: Online

Zoom Link: Contact us for information and Zoom Access!

Fee: This group is offered freely, at no charge.

This offering is currently on hiatus.

Check back for 2024 schedule.

Meditation is an ancient and universal practice of self-discovery, rooted in the simple but revolutionary premise that every human being has the ability to cultivate the mind’s inherent stability, clarity and strength in order to be more awake . . . and to develop the compassion and insight necessary to care genuinely for oneself and the world.


Meditation groups are a wonderful way of connecting with others to share and deepen your meditation practice. These groups provide community, accountability and a supportive space to connect with others while steadying and enriching your practice.

This group is respectful, friendly, and inclusive toward all meditation approaches. No prior experience with meditation is required. Simply the capacity to sit silently in a reflective, mindful state is all that is needed. You are welcome to participate for the session, or for any portion of the alloted time that works for you.

What to Expect: The session will be conducted in silence. A bell will sound at the beginning and end of the 45-minute period. Paticipants will all remain muted throughout.

Contact: Annelisa MacBean / 415-729-5226 /

Coastal Constellations: Family and Business Constellations in Muir Beach

Serving: Muir Beach, Stinson Beach and Bolinas

Where: Muir Beach, CA  

Contact: Annelisa MacBean / 415-729-5226 / E-mail

Dates: Third Monday of Every Month

Time: 6 – 9:30pm

All are welcome. 

Please let us know you are coming and if you will be bringing a friend.


This offering is currently on hiatus.

Check back for 2024 schedule.

In the meantime, please consider contacting the following constellation facilitators who are offering both in-person and on-line constellation facilitation.

Michelle Masters

(707) 824-1032


Peter DeVries

(415) 328-7336


Carl Buchheit

(415) 302-7429

Coastal Constellations
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Life Cycle – Birth Preparation and Education for Coastal Communities

Personalized Birth Education for Individuals & Couples

Muir Beach, Stinson Beach and Bolinas


Whether or not this is your first pregnancy, understanding, adapting to, and accepting the changes in your body as well as in your relationships with your partner and family is crucial to reducing anxiety and increasing calm and enjoyment of the gestation and birth process. As you learn to navigate the uncharted territory of pregnancy and parenting you will quite literally be returning to your own beginnings.


  • Learn about your own birth imprints

  • Gain understanding about how your birth may influence your perception of pregnancy, labor and parenting

  • Discover the roots of bonding in your own personal history and prepare yourself to bond with your baby

  • Get down to earth, practical support as you address the home-birth versus hospital birth debate.

As a Certified Doula and peri-natal Psychologist, I would be honored to learn about your specific needs, hopes and dreams and delighted to share my perspective and experience with you, your partner and your family.


For more information, call or email to schedule a brief introductory call and we’ll take it from there.


Life Cycle – Education and Preparation for Dying and Death

Personalized Death and Dying Education for Individuals, Couples and Families Muir Beach, Stinson Beach and Bolinas


Death . . . It’s a topic many of us want to avoid or put off until later . . . but regardless of your current state of health, your age or your religious beliefs or spiritual leanings, understanding, adapting to, and ultimately accepting the reality of death as a part of life can be crucial to reducing anxiety and increasing calm and peace for you and your loved ones at the time of final transition. As we learn together about navigating the territory of dying and death the subject becomes less conceptual or remote, less frightening or threatening, and takes on a more normalized and natural seat at the table of life. In these workshops you’ll have an opportunity to consider and explore the following:

  • What are your options for dying, ie: at home, hospice, hospital, and etc. and what are the consequences of your choices.

  • What do you need to know if you or your loved one die unexpectedly?

  • What do you need to consider if you or your loved one die slowly of a prolonged illness?

  • What are your choices when extreme, chronic, unresolvable pain or dementia diminish your quality of life?

  • Would you like a Home Funeral, or would you prefer to go to a Funeral Home?

  • Perhaps you would like to plan for a Living Funeral.

  • How do you want your body disposed of? What are the latest innovations?

  • What is Green Burial and how does it differ from Conventional Burial?

  • How can you make your wishes for your dying and death known to others.

    • Advanced Health Care Directives and Advanced Death Care Directives will be discussed

  • In the case of Still Birth or Infant Death, what can you expect and what are your options?

  • In the case of suicide, what is the protocol . . . legal/medical/etc.

As a Certified Death Midwife and a Psychologist with years of experience tending to the cycle of life, I would be honored to learn about your specific needs, concerns, challenges and questions. and to share my perspective and experience with you, your partner and your family


For more information, call or email to schedule a brief introductory call and we’ll take it from there.


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Death Café  Conversations About Death & Dying . . . Loss . . . & Letting Go

Where: Via Zoom.

Email to request link:


Dates: Third Saturday of Every Month 

Time:   8 - 9:30am (PT) / 5 - 6:30pm (CET) / 9:30 - 11pm (IST)


Start Time: Please join the call 5 - 10mins before start time. Everyone will be admitted at 8am (PST) and we will begin on time. To ensure a safe and well-held vessel, no late-comers will be admitted after the first 10-minutes, so please plan ahead.


Tax-deductible donations can be made via this link:


Overview: It is widely recognized that western cultures tend to resist death as a fact of life. Ironically . . . and paradoxically, cultures in which death is accepted and celebrated demonstrate a greater capacity for accepting and enjoying life itself.


Death Cafés invite us into purposeful and intentional discussions about death and dying, and create the opportunity to explore our fears and anxieties related to endings and losses. In the process, many participants find greater meaning and deeper appreciation for the joyful immediacy of the human experience.

Death Café discussions provide an opportunity for personal reflection and connection with self and others. There's no program or goal, no agenda or advertising. All are welcome. All backgrounds and beliefs are included and accepted.

Death Café is not a bereavement group - should you require resources for the grieving process, those can be provided to you. 

This is a virtual event, held with the respectful intention to honor each person's unique journey. Guidelines in place to create a safe, contained vessel include: absolute confidentiality, cross-talk when invited, reflection from personal experience rather than feedback.



Group Guidelines, Etiquette and Vessel Creation

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