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“I love my work; I approach each session in the spirit of service, knowing each person’s personal energy and life purpose are distinctly and unquestionably unique. My experience, both personal and professional, has led me to know, for certain, that you can survive transformation . . . you can live true; you can be You.”

As we explore hidden or transparent aspects of the body and psyche relative to current events and real-life circumstances, clients experience shifts in their sessions, and lasting results in their work, their relationships, and in life overall.

“With over 30 years of therapeutic consulting experience and a very broad range of capacities, I tailor my approach to the unique needs of each client, in each session.”

Transformative Consulting focuses on integration at the sensory level in service to the evolution of your consciousness AND your highest and best functioning in everyday life. You will experience increased awareness and clarity of your purpose for being. You will develop an increased capacity for self-knowing and cultivate foundational skills for self-regulation. As your abilities mature and you become familiar with your inner body sensations, thought patterns, energetic patterns, impulses, breath, memories, etc. as they arise in the present moment, you will also become increasingly skilled at meeting the world as it appears outside your body. 


Learning to track the dynamic interplay between your inner and outer reality is fundamental to sustaining the insight and awareness you’ve gained when you go into action and interaction with others. What’s going on inside determines your outer experience. The work is iterative, meaning step by step, learning from prior experience and building on each learning. Along the way, incremental shifts will occur as the nervous system learns to tolerate new stimulation, behavior and identity. An experiential approach is crucial to integration and rewiring of brain and body to receive and reflect the fullness of your being.


If you are seeking an integrative and non-ordinary approach, I welcome you to connect.  

Read more about my background and training. 

I am not licensed in the State of California.

I have been clinically trained, but I practice as a consultant and am in no way offering services that would replace the expertise of a licensed psychotherapist.

One of the things I hear often from clients is that talking about their problems doesn’t really change things. There simply aren’t lasting shifts. I’ve observed that talking and being heard, along with information and education can lead to insight and awareness, so verbal and cognitive engagement can be important. But awareness without embodied experience cannot bring transformation.


Those who come to me for support and guidance are seeking a transformative experience. They may have identified an area in their lives where they want old patterns of behavior to shift but are having trouble truly getting unstuck. They have usually tried everything else; they’ve had their “ah ha” moments, but couldn’t sustain their insights in ongoing, everyday life.

“Many of my clients are highly ambitious, perfectionistic leaning people whose lives seem to be going pretty well – but privately, they're hurting.  Sometimes the source of the hurt is clearly known, other times it’s waiting to be discovered.  Either way, something needs to be addressed in order to fully thrive, and my clients are willing to do the work needed to address these issues.”

Transformation, literally moving from one form to another, like caterpillar to butterfly, truly becoming the person you always knew you were but were previously unable to be, can be deeply desired and intensely sought, but terrifying in the process of actualization. The caterpillar gives up everything to manifest its truest potential. And it goes through that process of yielding, surrender and transformation in a cocoon, held tightly and close . . . contained and supported until it is ready to spread new wings and fly.


I offer a holding environment, a holding space, a physical, emotional, psychic cocoon in which sustainable shifts and transformative processes can occur.

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