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Above all other things, human beings need to experience belonging and connection with others. People want to be able to trust that they are seen and respected as they are. Sadly, we learn quite young, to distort the truth of who we are in an attempt to accomplish this longed-for sense of belonging.


I offer attentive listening, exploratory dialogue, and challenges to deeply held but limiting beliefs about how you might feel the need to alter yourself to maintain relationships. Learning to allow me to see your authenticity and vulnerability creates a pathway to being able to see and respect yourself and connect with others in a real and truthful way. 


I have been working with high-functioning, capable, professionals, artists and spiritual seekers in the Bay Area since 1990. I am not a psychotherapist, a guru, or a self-help teacher. I am a skilled counselor with years of experience engaging in meaningful conversations with other human beings.


I provide a safe, empathic container within which you are supported to be yourself, feel your feelings, and express the truth without being judged or shamed. If you have been pretending you are OK when you’re not, if you’ve been hiding your heartache or fear, be prepared to relieve yourself of that stress. It is time to set that burden down. 

Regardless of the circumstances of your life, no matter how perfect or painful or hopeless things may seem, I have the experience to guide you toward acceptance of your life as it is – AND – I can reflect your innate inner wisdom, providing insight that will help you remember who you truly are. 


If it’s time, and you’re ready, call me. Let’s get started.


Thank you for your interest in my work. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 415-729-5226.


I am not licensed in the State of California. I have been clinically trained, but I practice as a consultant and am in no way offering services that would replace the expertise of a licensed psychotherapist.

All on-going weekly sessions are conducted via Zoom. We will confidentially explore and discuss the topics of greatest concern or interest to you Focusing on the things that truly matter. You will receive the same close, individual attention online that you would in person. 


Extended Sessions: 4-8 hour In-Person Deep Dives.

Free-Therapy Thursdays: 40-minute, high-intensity, Zoom sessions.

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