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Sometimes we might wonder how to feel, in our bodies and hearts, what really matters. Perhaps we look out into the starry night sky and are not sure about it all or can’t feel a connection. We know that somehow it must be possible to live with a more consistent sense of belonging in relationship to nature: We've been there, had a taste, know what's possible . . . more connection, more grace, more awakening, more intimacy, more healing, more joy, more lovers, more peace. We might wonder if we’re missing something; if we’re getting it wrong: perhaps we’ve not prayed hard enough, or in the right way; meditated enough; healed enough; hurt enough; opened ourselves enough; forgiven enough; let things go enough, accepted enough, surrendered enough.

And then in the next moment, somehow something is different. The veil parts and for one microsecond we can, once more, connect with nature, we can “see” what love is doing. We’re given a moment's grace, to see for just one moment. The curtain is pulled back and we are shown. Despite the problems, the pain, the confusion, and the burden of becoming, our breath is taken and our hearts dissolve into the realization that there is no healing and no awakening coming in the future. The frequency of love's vibration is moving through our bodies. The wholeness we long for is now.

For just a brief moment, we may be able to see into the whole display. What may be revealed is the always, already raging perfection of this, our most sacred and rare human experience. Everyone we meet, every kind word that we speak, every time we touch another with our hands and with our hearts, each time we are called to be the space for another to remember the raging truth of what they are—somehow it has all been set up and orchestrated by love itself. There is no question of belonging; there is no separation.

We might be overwhelmed by such intelligence, by this sort of cosmic creativity. Yet we know that in any moment that could ever be—whether joyful or sad or content or blissful or vulnerable or scared or confused or anxious or depressed or overflowing with gratitude—we could never find any separation between ourselves and love, between ourselves and life.

And then we look back up into that same sky… and something seems a little different. It appears more vivid, the display more bright, we can hear the hum of the sacred world in the stars and in each and every cell of each and every human heart. Embodied in the now, we behold love’s perfection.

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