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In times of transition, my natural tendency is to rush to the rebirth, to move quickly toward re-establishing a newer version of what is known. I have a tendency to try to reorganize what is rather than allow it to die and pass away. When a relationship is ending or I have to move from a home of many years to a new location, as examples, an urgent inclination toward maintaining what has been good, what has been stable, what has been constant and reliable will arise. It is probably an ordinary and very precious human response . . . this resistance to the falling away of structures, this reactivity so deeply rooted in the tender vulnerability of those earliest memories of separation . . . from the ONE, from the womb. But it is only within the womb of endings, of death . . . that re-birth can emerge. The invitation of the depths of darkness during transition is stopping, waiting, listening, rest and quiet . . . vision, imagination, and dreams emerge in the silence and the stillness – the womb of death is gestating the seed of life. I am challenged to honor the order within the disorder of desconstruction and to remember that birth and rebirth are not possible without attunement to the creative process of dissolution.

Death needs time to disassemble the old embodiment of beliefs and ideas, in the same way our bodies take time to grow and develop from a few cells. During times when things are being rearranged inside and around me, I can pay closer attention to what is truly needed. Is Divine seeking to cure death, to reassemble a more functional version of the known, or is Love/Presence looking for a reorganization in form that will channel life in a new and more integrated and cohesive way? I pray for the capacity to honor every form of Love as it comes into my life – the people, the work, the demands, the challenges and the dreams – I pray for the presence of mind to recognize that the entire human journey is all an expression of Love, to be touched by the magnificence of Love’s manifestation, without preference, accepting the mystery without bias. From this perspective I can imagine allowing circumstances and people, beliefs and attachments to dissolve so that new forms may emerge. This dissolution is the holy good-bye.

Witnessing the cycling of form as the sacred and creative activity of LOVE is the opportunity of bringing consciousness into this human form. Divine energy is at times dancing, playing, and turning around the stars, while at other times Divine is breaking a heart, shattering illusions, beliefs and identities . All are expressions of Love’s irrepressible and unrelenting sacred Presence.

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