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Imaginal Psychology

One of the many reasons I work as a therapist and healer is rooted in a deep desire to be together with another or a group of others in the shared experience of vessel creation . . . and in the vessel created by our relationship, inviting those lost aspects of our souls and psyches, those forgotten parts of our bodies and hearts to find sanctuary . . . to return home. When I come together with you, it is my intention that those parts who have been disowned or dissociated can find safe passage, can be held, articulated, and intimately known once again.

It’s not only material from our personal, historical past that comes into our vessel for illumination and to offer us revelation, but also non-personal material from that which has yet to come into being, but exists in seed form – from those future selves and aspects and qualities which long to find a place here, to come into the world of time and space as emissaries of the mystery.

Within our creative container, the concepts of “past,” “future,” and also of “the present moment” turn into living beings and are no longer abstract generalities. They exist by virtue of our imaginations in the vast fields of our individual beings. When two or more are gathered, the majesty of our shared imaginal environment is infinite and ineffable.

When all is said and done, we attune together to a field of permission . . . we say yes to entering into the unknown, into creativity and imagination. Our time together is in the realm of art and poetry. This is where a life is painted and sculpted, where the psyche dances and the heart sings. We allow ourselves to be crafted as the vessel...and within the vessel, simultaneously. What emerges are all the ways love is seeking home and rest, as and within us.

It is less about self-improvement or getting rid of our symptoms or replacing thoughts and feelings we don’t like with others we prefer. It's ultimately not about fixing ourselves or curing our melancholy or transcending our vulnerability . . . It’s more about our shared soul and having intimate communion with the entirety of the mess, the pain, the beauty, the glory, the dark, the light, the courage, the hopelessness, the joy, the grief . . . the full spectrum of what it means to be a human being.

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