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Inner Family

You may wish to consider honoring the role that various aspects of your inner self or psyche, your "inner family", have played in your life, until now: the unlovable one, the unworthy one, the broken one, and the one who has not been seen; and others . . . the wild one, the joyful one, the ones who are slow or young or . . .? While these parts may battle on occasion and the battles may have been raging at times, the invitation now is to consider surrender. You can call off the tension, the resistance . . . and rest. The battle is no more.

Take a few moments to surround all your loyal and persistent parts with your awareness. Breathe warmth into the center of each one, into the images and symbols that have played within you for so long. They never intended to harm or hold you back, but only to protect you from the raw tenderness of your own heart.

While you once required this protection when your nervous system was too young to hold it all, such protection may no longer be serving its original function. You must look and see for yourself. When you are ready, honor the safety that has been offered, with appreciation. Once you have embodied gratitude for the sincerity and best intentions of these parts you can provide safe passage for these old ones to end their tired journey, and return into the vastness, beyond your body, where they can rest.

At some point along the way, you’ll notice it is no longer necessary for you “let them go” in any active sort of way, by means of some psychological or spiritual process. Instead, they will let go of you when their function is no longer required, in a way that is organic and reflective of true nature. These parts are longing to return their sacred task to you . . . The task of embodied tending to the aliveness of your own heart.

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