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Masculine & Feminine Energy

“Tantra is an Eastern philosophy which posits that the universe is created by and made up of

masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) energies that infuse all things.

Both energies exist within each of us in varying amounts. Learning how to engage both fully is what ends up making a person psychologically, emotionally, and physically well. Just as you wouldn’t operate a remote control with only one battery, you need both of these energies to source your own power. They’re necessary tools for shaping your life.”

Alissa Vitti, Woman Code

Finding Balance

Balancing both masculine and feminine energies within my own body and being, finding the qualities that resonate with my own essence and experiences, aside from society’s expectations, is a current and intense fascination. Considering what aspects of the sacred masculine and sacred feminine (quite often opposed to traditional culturally conditioned ideas of the masculine and feminine) resonate within me in various areas of my life has become an on-going exercise and practice of attunement. I am able to distinguish the tone and tension of each energy stream and am beginning to notice that imbalance is occurring because I focus on, or value, one type of this sacred energy over the other. Balancing the masculine and feminine energies appears to be a fluid and continuous process of first deepening awareness of my body, and then choosing or consenting to increasing or decreasing the flow of either force, as needed.

Qualities Associated with Feminine Energy

When I do accept and encourage feminine energy, I can experience the soothing strength and power that comes with being a receptive and attractive, magnetic vessel. Below are some of the virtues and abilities associated with sacred feminine energy, or Shakti.

  • Empathy

  • Nurturing

  • Fluidity

  • Softness

  • Reception

  • Openness

  • Devotion

  • Creativity

  • Compassion

  • Community

  • Feelings

  • Support

  • Intuition

  • Life

  • Understanding

When I attune to the feminine stream as it pulsates through my system, I find I am able to:

  • Hold space for people, processes and projects to develop at their natural pace

  • Enjoy the process or unfolding of creation, independent of the end result

  • See the big picture and the interconnectedness of many parts and dimensions

  • Work with others and create community

  • Connect to emotional and physical life as a catalyst for spiritual development and transformation

  • Relate to others by listening deeply, sharing, and nurturing

  • Enjoy being an attractive, receptive magnet for the elements of love and healing that might be called for at any given time

One of the deepest learnings for me in the exploration of the feminine is the understanding that knowing is a process. Knowledge is not static but is forever changing. There is not a level of knowledge to be achieved. Once I think I know something, it opens new possibilities for greater, infinite knowing. This is an incredibly important insight for one, who, like myself, can get attached to being right or who, in lieu of integrated masculine energy, relies on the static knowing of a thing for stability.

Qualities Associated with Masculine Energy

The masculine force also pulsates through my body and when I am able to recognize it and surrender to it, I can experience my innate potency; my existence as a powerful, creative, physical presence. Below are some of the virtues and abilities associated with sacred masculine energy, or Shiva.

  • Leadership

  • Action

  • Reason

  • Logic

  • Adventure

  • Strength

  • Loyalty

  • Firmness

  • Survival

  • Confidence

  • Focus

  • Pride

  • Honor

  • Efficiency

  • Power

  • Caretaker

When I attune to the masculine stream as it pulsates through my system, I find I am able to:

  • Tenaciously pursue my purpose

  • Identify and focus on intentional action relative to my purpose

  • Decide when/where/how a project or process develops

  • Focus on the end result of a project, in service to my purpose

  • Focus on one thing at a time

  • Be present and in immediacy with my experience

  • Rely on myself, on my personal experience and individual achievements

  • Contain and direct my emotions and my body in service to my purpose

  • Relate to others through camaraderie, entertainment, and problem-solving

The masculine energy shows up in my personal experience in the creation of structures and rules that allow logic to express correctly. Knowledge is not fluid here, but rather static and focused on what is. When masculine energy is dominant, I place a high value on precision and exactness. There is also a sense of righteousness, relative to purpose. A willingness to do the right thing even if it means humiliation or loss. Sometimes following my life purpose means making no compromises and leaving behind people and places and things I love but I know no longer serve.

Bottom line, these dynamic forces share an interdependent relationship, which means they cannot exist without one another. Their coexistence means they affect each other constantly and is essential to achieving equilibrium. I am noticing how vital it is to learn how to switch between them, how to turn up or turn down the volume or velocity of flow on either one, so I can experience and express the dynamic balance in all my actions in life.

Sun and moon. Light and dark. Day and night. Inhale and exhale. All these complimentary pairs exist in nature. Each are essential and fundamental to the existence of the other. There is no daytime without the nighttime. There is no exhalation of breath without the inhalation of breath. These apparent opposites affect every aspect of my personal experience, and every aspect of our collective experience.

Everything has a masculine and a feminine dimension. We are all thinking, feeling and behaving according to the spoken and unspoken cultural agreements that surround these energetic partnerings. Becoming aware of how I embody energetic imbalances and understanding the different values I place on each energy is a crucial step in becoming ever-more responsible for my experience and to bringing a harmonious energetic force into this world.

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