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No Mistakes

It is not a mistake that you have been born into a complex human form with a sensitive, tender nervous system and a heart that is sometimes overwhelmed with love, sometimes broken. Your vulnerable feelings of fear, anxiety, helplessness or dejection . . . just like your feelings of gratitude and joy . . . are not mistakes, but rather, these are doorways deeper into life, into a world that has forgotten what “home” is and how to get there.

Remember . . . you are here because you said, “Yes” to climbing this mountain . . . and parts of the climb are steep; sections of the trail are eroding and narrow; loved ones will choose different paths to the peak . . . thus, your climb is ultimately alone.

When the peak for which you are heading is shrouded in clouds, obscured from sight, turn your attention into the unwanted aching in your body or the unrelenting fear in your solar plexus and notice that wisdom emerges in the space opened by your curiosity and acceptance.

Attend to what is arising, one step at a time.

Rest when you need to . . . but don’t stop.

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