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Sexual/Spiritual Intimacy

Sex and spirituality: How they're linked

Sex is a core function of the human experience. It plays a fundamental role in the physical health and vitality of the body. Sex is also an action or activity designed to potentially channel life energy in substantial volume. This energy is often referred to as "universal life force, or spirit." Sex, when practiced with intention, receptivity and surrender of resistance, can awaken awareness of how this energy, force or spirit moves through the human form, utilizing all the capacities of your human body.

Sex includes involution (spiritual/non-physical vibrational energy descending into form) and evolution (physical energy in the form of fluids, blood, breath ascending). Through the practice of sexual activities, you can develop a heightened awareness of these two energetic directions, which are always active as you live and express everyday. The phrase "making love" describes the alchemical process that leads to the meeting of these bi-directional energies at your heart. As these descending and ascending energies merge, LOVE is the almost indescribable experience of fulfillment and freedom which can occur in human form.

To fully experience sex in this way, a holding environment must be established that can support and contain the process. There must be a sacred forum. To establish a sacred container for two (or more) attend first to how you are holding, or containing, your own sensual divinity. How does love make its way through your own body?

What is Sacred Sexuality?

In modern society, sex is, for the most part, externally focused. It tends to be an objectification of form, heavy focus on fantasy, watched from the sidelines as a "spectator" through porn . . . and takes for granted our warm, human flesh . . . flesh being the actual medium that connects us to each other, and to spirit.

While this widely accepted approach will surely produce an orgasm, it can be animalistic and short (22 seconds on average!) This approach also orients you to your sexual partners as an object responsible for your pleasure. This external focus takes you out of the present moment, out of your internal experience. The body, your body, is where the present resides; the truth of your experience is there; in the body, in the moment. Objectifying others takes you outside of yourself, when, the holy grail—sex as human communion with soul—is actually a possibility that exists within you any time, all the time, if you can focus and attend to the movement of energy in your body.

Why is sex the most coveted experience in modern-day western culture? Because we are desperate for connection with our own divinity, but haven't yet realized that this connection is not achieved through fucking someone or being fucked by someone outside of us. Sex offers the opportunity to integrate and express our divinity in a way no other human act or action can. We innately know that the potential for sex to be transformative and life-changing lives within us. Yet most people have yet to fully comprehend that it is not someone else's desire for you, or your desire for them that completes the circuit. The meeting of the two energies, involution and evolution, happens in each of us, individually. Explore and discover, regardless of whether your partner can join you. Who are you? What are you?

We've been expecting way too little of sex for a very long time. It's a massively powerful act. And it has more potential than we realize to be a force for the amazing in our lives. What if sex, experienced as sacred, could open a field of intimacy in your relationship with yourself and with your lover that you never knew existed? Ultimately, in the sharing of your personal alchemy with another soul, their reflection is validating and verifies that you, and they, are spirit. Being sexual together supports you and the other to be who and what you truly are. But on your way to sharing this incredible, improvisational exchange with another person, explore first your awareness of and capacity to feel your own energy flow. Learn to appreciate your inborn sensual nature as a fact of your existence. Developing this orientation you enable you to reflect the sacred sensuality in your partner.

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