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Ten Indications of New Consciousness

1. Living in ways that allow other people to live as well; satisfying one’s needs without detracting from the chances of other people to satisfy theirs.

2. Living in ways that safeguard the intrinsic right to life and to a life-supportive environment of all the creatures that live and grow on Earth.

3. Pursuing happiness, freedom, and personal fulfillment in harmony with the integrity of nature and with consideration for the similar pursuits of others in society.

4. Making room in one’s life to help those less economically privileged than oneself to live a life of dignity, free from the struggles and humiliations of abject poverty. 5. Living in ways that respect the right to life and to economic and cultural development of all people, wherever they live and whatever their ethnic origin, sex, citizenship, station in life, or belief system.

6. Requiring one’s government to relate to other nations and peoples peacefully and in a spirit of cooperation, recognizing the legitimate aspirations for a better life and a healthy environment for all the people in the human family.

7. Requiring business enterprises to accept responsibility for all their stakeholders as well as for the sustainability of their environment, producing goods and offering services that satisfy legitimate demand without impairing nature and reducing the opportunities of local enterprises and developing economies to compete in the marketplace.

8. Requiring the public media to provide a constant stream of reliable information on basic trends and crucial processes, in order to enable citizens and consumers to reach informed decisions on issues that affect their health, prosperity, and future.

9. Working with like-minded people to preserve or restore the essential balances of the environment, whether in one’s neighborhood, in one’s country or region, or the world over.

10. Encouraging young people, and open-minded people of all ages, to evolve the spirit that could empower them to make ethical decisions on their own on issues that decide their future, and the future of their children.

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