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The Flow of Love

Have you ever heard someone say that fear is the opposite of love? I have often nodded in agreement to that statement, without really thinking it through. I wasn't really registering an embodied sense of LOVE. My response was kind of superficially intellectual.

But as I deepen into my purpose for being here on the planet, and as I have increased awareness and experience of Divine Presence moving through this body, I begin to question whether Love can have an opposite! An opposite would imply a split, a separation or a disunion of some kind. But my developing perception is of Love as the field in which everything, including fear, arises and passes away. Love is the infinite, accepting space in which all emotions, feelings, and physical sensations appear, and then disappear.

Just like clouds don’t alter the beauty of the sky, wind and waves don’t alter the magnificence of the ocean, so fear cannot alter the radiant truth of what I am.

Connecting with fear, I have the opportunity to experience the integrated state of wholeness that is already truly and accurately ME. Including the difficult feelings, the emotions, and the tender, achy sensations that appear so often in the course of my days, I have the chance to glimpse that state of integration that is my true nature; always accessible and loving. When fear surfaces, LOVE is knocking, trying to re-member me to the wholeness of which I am already a part. Fear, in the end is just the energy of Love, seeking a pathway through this vessel, seeking a channel through which to reveal itself.

I sense that LIFE is defined by LOVE: Love energy coursing through this body without pause, taking whatever form is available, moving around my distorted, ego-based beliefs like a river courses past rocks and boulders, eventually wearing down those massive obstacles, until my resistances are pebbles to be collected on a windowsill. Fear, a big old rock in the stream, is a way for me to sense, experience and know the flow and the movement of the current of Love as it moves through . . . nothing more. No longer fearing fear, it can become a dynamic partner or portal to LOVE.

A new sense of aliveness emerges from awareness of this marriage of Fear and Love. There are moments now when my body knows that aggressive resistance is no longer needed. Fear is in sonic resonance with the whole; fear is the call of a natural, integrated state seeking manifestation; a reminder that I have the choice to receive the flow, the current, the river of Life . . . as it comes. Fear is not the opposite of love, for love has no opposite.

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