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Transforming Rage

Whoa!! Slow down . . . slow way, way down!! In those moments when you have been hooked and your emotional world is burning your core, you are hot, red hot . . . on FIRE . . . slow down . . . slow way, way down.

Where is your breath? Find your breath . . . It’s probably blue or a whitish blue . . . look for that color (it is within, behind your eyes) and breathe it in . . . it will cool the heat.

Take your shoes off. Stand on cool tiles, in a puddle, in moving water (a stream, the ocean, or get your feet under a cold water faucet). Drop your attention into your feet.

Cover your heart with your left hand. Put your right hand on your solar plexus. Breathe. White . . . blue . . . white . . .

Drop your attention below whatever storyline you are running. Notice the energy surging in your body. The energy moving through your system is your potency, your life force; a repressed expression of your Divine aliveness, finally released and wild . . . seeking form and direction.

Energy in your body is expressing the longing, the yearning of the Divine to know itself in human form. Listen.

The intense feelings are not going to harm you, they are only here to remind you of the wholeness and immensity you truly are.

You are a channel for the Infinite, for the fire of Love. Love does not turn from her children. Likewise, do not turn from the burning, volcanic fever raging within. Rather than project it out, meet that energy with fierce courage; attune to the alchemical power and capacity of the body to transform.

You are magnificent!

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