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Even if our primary interest is in spiritual transformation, we cannot separate out our unresolved relational trauma, attachment wounding, and the narcissistic injury we may have experienced.

What I’ve discovered in my own life (the hard way) and also in my professional practice with a lot of dedicated spiritual practitioners is that if we fail to tend to our own wounding and trauma, it will inevitably leak out, and color any realizations we might have.

Unprocessed somatic and emotional material has a way of creating a perceptual sieve through which we come to imagine ourselves, others, and the world; This filtering mechanism also affects how we imagine and relate with nature and with the Divine.

There is no singular bright defining line separating our verbal, emotional, somatic, and autonomic narratives; they all weave together and interpenetrate one another in strands of dark and light. Each, we might say, is a thread in the loom of the Great Weaver, coming into the world of form, of time and space in a creative and artful pattern that is unique to each of us.

No matter how deep and profound our realizations have been, those bright threads will be blended with and filtered through patterns that include unmetabolized trauma remaining in the vessel of the body. This brings texture and dimension to the fabric of our lives . . . to all our expressions and relationships.

The invitation is to enter into, and live into the vessel/the body with curiosity, with fidelity, even devotion to the full-spectrum unfolding of the human form: to care deeply about all of it, the patterns in the weft and the weave . . . to allow devotion and care to flow along every thread, to kindly allow for the possibility of a knot or a snag in your own patterns of perception and behavior as you express and weave your uniqueness into the shared neural circuitry of the world.

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