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Individual Testimonials


"Dr. MacBean is one of the most sensitive and honest individuals I have ever met. Her insight and direct feedback woke me up to some hard but very real true things about my life. She helped me pay attention to the ways my perfectionistic attitude was messing up my marriage and my business. Dr. MacBean speaks from the heart and doesn’t hold back. She gave me guidance and provided lots of resources on ways to be a better mom and wife, and a more successful manager. We have worked on issues in both my personal and professional life so that I could see how unconscious beliefs I have about myself were playing out in all my relationships. Dr. MacBean has truly been a blessing."


- RT, Business Professional

Berkeley, CA



"Fellow Artists out there; Annelisa is the brilliant, funny and genuinely caring light that led me out of the dark tunnel of depression and career doldrums. She is truly the best; support for me AND for “my inner artist.” Her on-going work with actors and artists in all mediums, gives her a very real-world, current understanding and empathy for common challenges, like frequent rejections, criticisms of our work, anxiety in an audition room, or before a show, dealing with unsupportive family and friends who don’t support the career path, etc. Simply put: she “gets” it. Annelisa helped me to see things about myself that I had never seen before; she helped me to address the ways I reject myself! Ouch!! Sometimes the truth hurts, but that has helped me experience greater professional fulfillment—my first gallery show in three years happened since I started seeing her—and more happiness in my personal life. Best of all: she accomplished this without prescription drugs, new-age mumbo-jumbo or eccentric religious tactics."


- BF, Actor and Multi-Media Artist

San Francisco, CA



"I thought I was doing too much and that was why I felt so tired and resentful. I didn’t know I could do even more and feel better than ever. Working with Annelisa I learned that it wasn’t WHAT I was doing that was the problem; it was WHY I was doing it, my motivation and what I hoped to get in exchange for doing it that was mucking up the works. Co-dependent all the way, and in complete denial. Never did I really understand that way over-used word until Annelisa laid it out in simple terms. Come to discover that I can still show others I care about them without taking care of them . . . and I can let others care about me too! Kind of new to this way of being in the world, but very grateful to be working with Annelisa."


- JR, Wife, Mother and Social Worker

Mill Valley, CA


"I’m a fairly well-known television personality. I have to appear pulled together in the public eye. About four years ago I started gaining weight and couldn’t get a handle on it. I was getting criticism and judgment on the job from the network, my agent and producers as my physical appearance was changing. It kind of snuck up on me and I went from a size 8 to a size 18 in about a year. Being a type A personality, I thought for sure I could manage this and get it under control. But the harder I tried, the more I failed, the worse I felt and the more weight I gained. Not good. I never considered professional support until my husband basically threatened divorce if I didn’t get some help. I found Annelisa through word of mouth and discovered the impact that unexpressed and unmet grief can have on one’s life. Loss of a loved one is too much to carry alone, which I was trying to do. So now I am getting safer actually sharing my feelings rather than eating them. I am grateful for Annelisa’s discretion and commitment to my privacy and that she can work with me online and on the phone. It helps to have easy access."


- MS, Television Personality

Tiburon, California 


"I'm afraid to think what would have happened if I had never made an appointment with Annelisa."

- SC, Husband, Father and Executive

San Rafael, CA


"The work can be somewhat difficult at times, but the payoff is phenomenal. I would say I’ve never been happier, but I don’t know if I was ever really happy before entering this process."


- CB, Engineer

San Jose, CA


"I go into every session feeling nervous and leave feeling optimistic."


- FH, Author and Performer

Tiburon, CA


Couples Testimonials

"We came to Annelisa just as we were preparing to hire divorce lawyers. Within the first two sessions we started to experience a shift. We got some clarity on our communication issues and started to listen to each other. In just a couple of months we were able to see how our marriage and our relationship had evolved to the breaking point. Who knew you had to LEARN how to ask for, show and receive love? Our marriage is getting stronger and we even laugh at ourselves sometimes. The real evidence of change is our children coming out of their rooms to be with us."

- AP and PP

San Rafael, CA



"Annelisa saved our marriage. Plain and simple. When we came to her we were both so stubborn and absolutely sure we were each “in the right.” She helped us see that right/wrong doesn’t really make for a sustainable relationship. She taught us about how adopting roles of guilt and innocence affect a marriage. This woman was in our faces and never let us get away with anything. She was relentless. She wouldn’t let us give up on ourselves or on each other. And we laughed a lot when we weren’t crying. She’s very funny. There was a lot of homework . . . But it worked. Still married and grateful."


- JD and DD

San Francisco, CA



"Thank you so much for your guidance and insights. The past few years have been the hardest of our life, and your help in such a short time has been more than all previous therapists we have seen."


- KM and TR

Santa Rosa, CA



"Our experience with Annelisa has been more effective, more psychologically and emotionally eye-opening, and more productive than all of our previous counselors combined."


- MT and BR

San Anselmo, CA



"We went from being two people who were living in mutual disgust with the other, to two people who have reconnected with love."


- JT and JC

Fairfax, CA

Executive Testimonials


"I was joking about tele-therapy with a colleague when she revealed that she was getting counseling online with someone in CA. Like me, she had concerns about privacy and didn’t want her employees to see her getting coaching, or “therapy in the workplace.” I didn’t think I could connect with a coach or a counselor if we weren’t face to face. But my colleague really endorsed Annelisa so, I gave it a shot. I Zoom with Annelisa and it’s comfortable and convenient. I like not having to worry about making time to get to her office in traffic. I don’t worry about running into people I know! Our sessions are super focused, she gives me a lot of homework, and I feel like I’m thinking differently about who I am and how I am with others now.”

- ASR, Business Owner
Newark, New Jersey



"I have come away from each session with concrete, real-life skills that I can use. I can give no stronger recommendation to anyone or any program."



Austin, Texas



"I was lacking in good communication skills. My employees and my superiors had a negative perception of me which was seriously limiting my career advancement. My supervisor recommended Annelisa. I’ve learned a completely different style of communication skills and now have a broad range of choices in how I relate to others. I am able to listen without thinking ahead! I do not defend myself so much. My supervisor has noticed a positive difference in my daily interactions with my co-workers."


- TO, Operations Manager

Richmond, CA



"Annelisa’s coaching has delivered realistic and immediate results that have impacted my company’s bottom line. She has helped me develop, mature and refine my ability to lead and direct people. I have more respect for myself, which directly affects my ability to positively influence others to collaborate and cooperate effectively. Just being able to come out of the silo of my own thoughts and experience Annelisa’s questions and reflection was incredibly liberating. I expected to feel burdened by the time and money expended on coaching, but it accelerated everything. Great ROI!"


- HJ

Palo Alto, CA

Professional Colleague and Peer Testimonials


"Annelisa MacBean is a truly exceptional coach, consultant and counselor who holds the unique balance of connecting easily to people with a deep knowledge base and years of personal and professional experience. She is incredibly skilled at working with individuals and couples in periods of transition and stress. She’s also an excellent resource for people who just want more for themselves! As a nurse practitioner, I have referred many people to her over the years. I highly recommend her practice."


- Jamie P.; Nurse Practitioner

Kentfield, CA 


"Annelisa MacBean is a very skilled, empathic and thoughtful practitioner.  As a colleague, I confidently refer patients to Annelisa as I have witnessed her ability to successfully address a wide variety of issues amongst a very diverse population of individuals.  She effectively tailors her approach to the unique needs of her clients and works diligently to ensure that she is providing the highest-quality service. She is able to forge a no-nonsense connection with clients who consistently praise her for her authenticity and genuine concern."


- Kathleen B.; Psychologist

San Rafael, CA


"I have observed Annelisa’s skills helping people with anxiety, depression, trauma, and other life-stressors. She’s particularly gifted at pulling back the veil and helping her clients to accept previously unseen aspects of themselves. In her years as a therapeutic consultant, people have come to her with numerous and varied concerns, and she has supported people from diverse backgrounds who bring different expectations to the work.  She has a strong set of skills and inspires optimism in one's ability to create a work/life balance and a healthy emotional life.  She is also dedicated to the integrity of her work with each client, and you can expect that she will be attentive and provide guidance customized to your specific needs."


- Robert M.; Psychiatrist

San Francisco, CA


"I went to graduate school (a high pressure, very taxing experience) with Annelisa when we were both Psychologists in training. Although that was many years ago now, I am still influenced by discussions we had back then - specifically by her sensitivity, intelligence, creativity and innate curiosity. She is naturally gifted and experientially blessed with every skill and ability that make her an amazing resource in the work of personal transformation."


- Nancy P. Psy.D.

San Anselmo, CA



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