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Annelisa MacBean

Therapeutic Consultant, Executive Coach, Speaker/Facilitator and Writer

Therapeutic Consultant

I work with individuals and couples who generally look good to others, but feel stuck inside, disconnected behind the facade. My clients are often high functioning, yet feel unfulfilled, unknown and unseen. If you’re trying really hard, but not feeling as good as you look, if you’re tired of feeling you have to alter yourself, depending on who you’re with, let’s talk.

Executive Coach

I work with executives in the San Francisco Bay Area, in Silicon Valley and across the country; business owners, board members and team leaders who want to address the nagging sense of fraud that can often undermine their very real success and obvious achievements. It’s time to shift and resolve patterns of unwanted behavior: time to feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside. Let’s talk.


I am passionate about supporting people to re-think the ways they think. I give talks, facilitate process groups and constellations, and lead discussions at universities, companies, wellness retreats, etc. When individuals, couples, corporations and communities are engaged in prioritizing self-awareness and emotional wellness, everything, personally and professionally, works better.


In addition to occasional entries in my blog, Changa, I am the author of Death Before Dying: The Birth of Wisdom and Tenderness Lost: The Origin and Implication of Attention Deprivation in Western Society. A series of books on psychological and emotional well-being is under construction.

I work with people who appear to

"have it all together;" who look good on the outside but may not feel as good on the inside.


What clients are saying . . . 

"Thank you so much for your guidance and insights. The past few years have been the hardest of our life, and your help in such a short time has been more than all previous therapists we have seen."

- KM and TR, Santa Rosa, CA

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