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everything else is just waves and wind.

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Annelisa MacBean

Awareness   Embodiment   Presence   ~   Responsibility   Action   Service



Embodiment is the practice of anchoring awareness and understanding about our personal stories to the sensory and emotional experience of being in the human body that carries these stories. Embodiment is a process of insight, a literal turning within, translating what we think we know, our beliefs and conditioning, into immediate, felt, lived experience. Embodiment is the beginning of the movement from where and how you are, to who and what you want to be.

Trauma Resolution


Dramatic circumstances during gestation, birth and early childhood can lead to limiting perceptions and beliefs about how to be in life as an adult. Our bodies grow up, but the pain or loneliness of years gone by still unwittingly affects our adult behavior, attitudes and relationships. Life challenges, grief and losses accumulate on top of unmet wounds. Trauma resolution is the process of metabolizing, absorbing and integrating the parts of our stories that have been previously undigestible.  

Spiritual Integration


Spiritual development is central to the process of psychological maturing and transformation. Spiritual awakening or “emergence” can sometimes be associated with psychological, social or occupational disruptions on a continuum from gradual and minimal, to abrupt and dramatic. When non-ordinary states of consciousness alter one’s world view and fundamental assumptions of identity, learning new ways of being in everyday human life and relationships becomes part of spiritual integration.

Transformative Living


There are two fundamental principles associated with transformative living . . . inclusion and surrender. Inclusion refers to accepting without equivocation, the current form or “formation” of one's life; while at the same time, surrendering all attachment to the “form” or content of that life. Living a transformative life means cultivating the capacity to be at home in the world, in life, as it is; the willingness to responsibly accept the consequences of our choices, relinquishing victim stories, and living true to inner knowing and life purpose.

I work with people who appear to "have it all together;" who look good on the outside but may not feel as good on the inside.

* I am not licensed in the State of California.

I have been clinically trained, but I practice as a consultant and am in no way offering services that would replace the expertise of a licensed psychotherapist. Client references to "therapy" or "therapist" reflect the therapeutic nature of the work we do in the context of coaching and consulting interactions.


What clients are saying . . .* 

"Thank you so much for your guidance and insights. The past few years have been the hardest of our life, and your help in such a short time has been more than all previous therapists we have seen."

- KM and TR, Santa Rosa, CA

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