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Being Human

It really is a challenge, a paradox, a conundrum, this business of being human: we talk a lot about healing . . . we want to heal . . . but we don’t really want to be too vulnerable or take too much risk. There may be some eagerness and anticipation about healing or being healed, imaginings of a life beyond conditioning. But at the same time, we also sense what true healing actually requires . . . which is the end of the world as we have come to know it, the end of the conditions and conditioning from which we seek healing. We tend to like our lives the way they are! Enthusiasm for healing wanes in the face of the demand for absolute surrender to the unknown conditions of being healed and whole. This contradiction is alive in each of us, the friction and tension of this dynamic interplay is what generates each person’s unique luminosity. Rather than attempt to resolve the conundrum the invitation is to dive directly into the core of it. When we can focus attention on the tension, into the tension, we may notice that healing is the very essence of this dynamic, paradoxical human dance.

Union, separation, death, birth, merge, split . . . This entire contradictory spectacle exists within us as a gift, a reminder, a prayer. This is the prima materia we have been given to work with in our lives. We have come into these vessels to tend to this tension with breath, curiosity, compassion, and clear-seeing.

The commitment, (your mission, should you choose to accept it) is not primarily to shift, change, transform, or even heal, but to participate, to receive the infusion of LOVE and JOY of CREATION into the material or matter that is the body. By doing this we manifest our natural state . . . source comes to know itself and the truth of that knowing manifests through the body. The body then, and the being that is you, transmutes perpetually. The Space that we are alters time; we realize we are beyond time. And when we no longer seek or need from outside ourselves we become that which others need.

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