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As an open, sensitive human being, you will never be able to avoid the experience of emotional pain. This fact is not evidence that there is something wrong with you, but that you are alive.

Welcome. You are alive, and belong here amongst the rest of us who also feel pain and have emotions. Thankfully, you have a body and a heart and a mind which allow you to feel, to make meaning of your emotions, and to use your emotions skillfully as a guidance system, a feedback loop that lets you know when you are either in or out of alignment with your Inner Being.

When you are in a balanced and equanimous emotional state, that's an indication that your physical awareness and non-physical consciousness are in sync. Do you remember using tracing paper when you were a kid? Lining up the image underneath the tracing paper with the marks you made on the tracing paper? If you got it just right your hand-drawn lines would blend seamlessly with the original under the tracing paper. If you pulled the tracing paper away, you could see that you'd replicated the original.

Being in a human form, having a human experience is in some ways like tracing the energetic lines of the spiritual blueprint from which you have emerged. When your are feeling emotionally stable or neutral you are lined up with the Love or Truth of your source. There is no question of your worth or value in the world. You are enough. There is balance, peace and ease.

Alternatively, when you are tracing the lines of your parent's expectations or the demands of society, or the dependency of a partner, or the dictates of an external authority, those lines often don't overlay in an aligned and seamless way with the original blueprint of who you are. When you place those tracings over your original blueprint, a jumble of lines appear and there can be some chaos as the two different images are conflicted and contrasting. This metaphor represents an emotional state that is less stable, and may be fraught with pain and discontentment, even anger . . . as the irreconcilable differences between the two images produce a sense of disharmony and hopelessness.

Emotions help you recognize energetic connections between yourself and other human beings. Emotions are the sensory system that lets you know when you are truly connected to another, or not. Emotions are not pathology . . . rather emotions are our direct and holy connection to the divine in each of us. We feel "good" when the lines match up. We can also feel "good" when the lines harmonize. Your tracing of your blueprint overlaid with another person's tracing of their blueprint might create a beautiful third image you couldn't have imagined until you combined the two.

You may have noticed that, developmentally you didn't learn how to shelter or protect yourself from certain people or circumstances in which emotions were denied, disowned or repressed. Without healthy boundaries, it can feel as if your heart is on the outside of your skin, rather than safely stowed within the rib cage. Emotional pain can be pathologized in our world these days, along with vulnerability, heartbreak, grief, and many other states of feeling down.You may sometimes doubt yourself and question your very being, afraid to trust in the purity and integrity of your experience exactly as it is. Anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, anti-biotics . . . we are collectively very anti-experiences that don't feel "good."

Yet, as you take the risk of opening more, you might discover that emotional vulnerability, pain in fact, is the only response that makes any sense in this 21st century very mad, mad world. Perhaps it's time to reassess your emotional experiences and behold the sacredness of this communication and messaging system between the physical and non-physical dimensions of your Being. Your ability to register the differences and distortions between what is being drawn or portrayed in the world around you and what your inner blueprint shows to be true about you is an incredibly important capacity. Your emotions are indicating to you that you are either aligned with your soul or distracted by an energetic frequency or vibration around you. It feels good to be aligned with source, with your origin . . . it hurts when you are not. It is miraculous to be an emotional being, and there is no need to apologize for this; no need to fix it or stop it.

Emotional pain is not pathology. Grief is not a condition to be diagnosed and treated. Feeling down and blue and a bit hopeless is not a disease which need be cured by consumption, whether that consumption is of material goods or new inner states.

A broken heart is pure and is complete on its own, filled with intelligence, life, and seeds of creativity and expression. It need not be mended or transformed into something else. Pain is the contrast by which you are able to perceive the beauty, love and hope that also surrounds you. Pain is the call to your unique individuality, inviting you to come back into alignment with the truth of what you are . . . come back into the moment . . . there is no death . . . you are not alone . . . come alive here, now.

To stay embodied with waves of grief, confusion, rage, fear, despondency, exhaustion, hopelessness, and doubt … to provide sanctuary and safe passage for the pieces of a broken world … to dissolve once and for all the trance of self-abandonment … this invitation is one that is radical and nonconventional by its nature. It is appearing now for your consideration.

Infuse your entire emotional spectrum with breath, with life, with awareness, with willingness to hold everything. This will liberate your unique talents, abilities and skillfulness. Alive and responsive to the full spectrum of your emotional guidance system, you can make meaning, bear the unbearable, and truly be there for others when they are suffering . . . be there for yourself and you WILL BE there at those times others need you most.

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