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One Ordinary Moment

In just one ordinary moment, it is possible to return to the aliveness of the sensory world, to sink into spacious timelessness, to drop into the muddy earth, and set aside the urgency to "get it done" or to be anything other than what you are. Imagine yourself fulfilled and complete, sitting in a meadow, on a hilltop, or on a beach by a fire. For a moment, your vision can be open; you can see unlimited possibility and your heart knows the truth of you, your body feels it. For a moment, there is no temple greater than your own body. Imagine and envision . . . just for a moment . . . and nourish your body with your inner sight.

Your imagination is holy . . . use it.

Pay attention to the symptoms – the exhaustion, the confusion, the hopelessness, the hesitation – these are communications from within, attempting to suggest a new direction is needed for the way ahead. See yourself attending to the weary traveler within, the confused child, the hopeless infant, the overwhelmed adult . . . envision all those parts on a shared pilgrimage to the sea . . . where, upon arrival, each tired, achy, lonely part is offered the chance to float on the gentle, sheltered waves of the mother/ocean . . . held and supported in her salty womb . . . relaxing into her eternal presence. Later, the parts all rest around a fire and lay fully supported on the sand.

Align with the feelings and sensations your inner vision evokes. Breathe into the calm and peace, the exhilaration and joy in your imagination.

Your imagination is holy . . . use it.

As your days unfold, listen carefully to your body. Guidance comes in disguised forms, in ways that the conventional world may never understand. But you were never born for the conventional. You are just too vast for all that. Allow yourself to experience, to sense, to smell and taste the limitless experiences your imagination is capable of offering. You are fully there . . . for a moment. Your body believes what your mind tells it!

Your imagination is holy . . . use it.

Notice, there are colors there, by the sea . . . smells . . . many inner parts and other people are there for you to learn about and know. You may feel fresh and cleansed by the sea. You may feel the warmth from the fire, and perhaps a sense of belonging. Maybe you see a sunset or maybe it's night-time by the fire. Whatever you imagine, your heart attunes to; your nervous system aligns, regulates, settles.

In just one ordinary moment, your imagination can turn your attention toward a sensory feast, or toward sensory relief. Whatever is needed or desired in that one moment.

In one moment you can Feel the earth. See the sky. Hear the birds. Sense the wind, the sun, the sea, the moon and the stars – the trees, an owl, a deer, a color. Your vision is everywhere, all the time. Close your eyes and look through the window of your imagination to see the truth of every ordinary moment.

Your imagination is holy . . . use it.

When you come back to the next ordinary moment, you bring with you the physical and mental benefits of the embodied imaginal. For your body and psyche it is like a week in the Bahamas or a month at a meditation retreat.

Your body doesn't care if you travel in conventional time, or if you travel outside of time via your imagination. The advantage of visionary travel is that your imaginal passport has been stamped for all eternity . . . travel at will to infinite locations . . . in an instant . . . from one ordinary moment to the next.

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