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Where the Light Enters

The difficult emotions, the confusion, the struggle, and the heartbreak. The fear, the doubt, the ending of the relationship that was supposed to last forever. On any truly transformative path, we must confront and integrate the ending of dreams, the dissolution of one world so that another may emerge.

The hopelessness, the struggle, the devastation of the crushed longing. The disappointment when we realize it is never going to turn out the way we thought. The painful wondering if we’ve done something wrong, if somehow we’ve failed.

These are the raw materials we have to work with on the path of the heart. Place them on the altar of your life and bless them. You need not transcend your vulnerability, problems, doubt or neurosis. Inside the wound, within the brokenness and grief is a wisdom found only there.

Sadness has something to show you that joy could never provide. Inside aloneness is a secret offering that can never be found in connection. Hopelessness, when entered, reveals meaning that hope is unable to reveal.

It is pure and creative inside the symptom, the loss or grief. But the creative, the imaginal can remain unseen in the tendency to overemphasize becoming. The alchemists and the unseen ones, the ancestors, the moon, the sun, and the stars exist to remind us. To re-member us to the aliveness of nature, to the life within us that is breathing through us.

There is spirt buried inside matter. Spirit borne in the redwoods, the owls, the rabbit, the fox and coyote, the mountains, the ocean . . . you, your partner and your children. Multiplicity is just as holy as oneness. The dual and the nondual are not two. There is no separation between the raw tender feelings of pain and fear and the flow of wisdom. Each are made of the same substance . . . energy, vibration, frequency. Each use the pathways of your nervous system to move into the world and express.

“What about my passion?!” Rumi demands of God.

God says, “Keep it burning.”

“What about my heart?” asks Rumi.

“Tell me what you hold inside it,” says God.

“Pain and sorrow,” says Rumi.

God says, “Stay with it. The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

While the trance that there is something wrong with you or with another is sticky and seductive, slow down, unplug from this unreality, and listen. Feel. Sense. We are conditioned to find a problem where there is an invitation. Place your hands on your heart. Attune to the aliveness of the spirit in your body. Follow your breath back into essence.

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